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Tanya for Friday, 2 Tamuz, 5782 - July 1, 2022

As Divided for a Leap Year

Tanya for 2 Tamuz

1 Tamuz, 5782 - June 30, 20223 Tamuz, 5782 - July 2, 2022

But inasmuch as it is within the power of created beings to comprehend only the descent from the level of wisdom, which is their beginning, to the level of action, which is the lowliest of levels, therefore we say that in relation to the Holy One, blessed be He, the level of wisdom is considered exactly as the level of action.

[We use this example simply because there is no greater descent in the realm of human experience than the descent from wisdom to action].

That is to say: [G-d] is "high and exalted" and very greatly elevated above the level of wisdom, and it is not at all appropriate to ascribe to Him anything that pertains to wisdom, even in a very lofty and sublime form, [i.e., even if by doing so we mean to express how He transcends wisdom]; for example, to say of Him that it is beyond the capacity of any higher or lower creature to comprehend His wisdom or His Essence.

[Even this negative reference to wisdom is inappropriate], - for comprehension pertains and applies to a matter of wisdom and intellect about which one can say that it can or cannot be understood because of the profundity of the concept.

However, concerning the Holy One, blessed be He, Who transcends intellect and wisdom, it is not at all appropriate to say that one cannot comprehend Him because of the profundity of the concept, for He is not within the realm of comprehension at all.

He who states that it is impossible to comprehend Him, is like one who says of some lofty and profound concept that it cannot be touched with the hands because of the depth of the concept.

Whoever hears [this] will mock him, because the sense of touch refers and applies only to physical objects, which may be grasped by the hands.

Exactly so, the level of intellect and comprehension in relation to the Holy One, blessed be He, is considered as actual physical action.

Even the comprehension of the [superior and spiritual] Intelligences in the higher worlds, and even the level of Supernal Wisdom of the World of Atzilut which gives life to them all [is considered so in relation to the Holy One, blessed be He], as it is written, [1] "You have made them all with wisdom."

[All of creation is rooted in the wisdom of Atzilut.

Nevertheless, even the Supernal Wisdom of Atzilut is considered as action in relation to G-d, for G-d transcends it infinitely.

It is thus impossible to say that G-d can or cannot be apprehended through intellect, inasmuch as intellect and wisdom are not at all the means by which G-d can be grasped].

As for the Holy One, blessed be He, being called "Wise" in Scripture, and our Sages, of blessed memory, have also referred to Him with epithets denoting the quality and level of wisdom, this is because He is the source of wisdom, for from Him issues and emanates the essence of the level of Supernal Wisdom, which is in the World of Atzilut.

Likewise [He is called] Merciful and Kind, [even though He utterly transcends mercy and kindness], because He is the source of mercy and kindness; and likewise regarding the other emotive attributes; [G-d is referred to by the names of the other attributes because He is their source], for they all proceed and emanate from Him.

The manner and nature of the flow and emanation - how and what - [i.e., how the intellectual and emotive attributes emanate from the Ein Sof which totally transcends them, and exactly what they are, for after they have emanated from Him they are wholly united with Him], is known to the savants *. [2]



  1. (Back to text) Tehillim 104:24.

  2. (Back to text) Note of the Rebbe Shlita: "This is explained at greater length in many places in Chassidut, e.g., in Mitzvat Haamanat Elokut [in Derech Mitzvotecha of the Tzemach Tzedek]."

    * The continuation is in next days Lesson

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