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Tanya for Shabbos, 3 Tamuz, 5782 - July 2, 2022

As Divided for a Leap Year

Tanya for 3 Tamuz

2 Tamuz, 5782 - July 1, 20224 Tamuz, 5782 - July 3, 2022


[The Alter Rebbe now briefly explains the various tzimtzumim that had to take place in order to enable the attributes of Atzilut to emanate from the [infinite] Ein Sof-light].

[This note will outline] the mystical principle of the tzimtzum of the Ein Sof-light.

[Before the tzimtzum, G-d's infinite manifestation was predominant.

Tzimtzum caused His capacity for limitation and finitude, which previously had been submerged within His infinite power, to be revealed].

And the tzimtzum of Adam Kadmon, [which is the highest state of existence after the tzimtzum, and the primal thought that contains and is the source of all subsequent emanations and creations], and the esoteric doctrine of [the tzimtzum of] Dikna.

[The life-force that animates hair is exceedingly attentuated, to the point that cutting it causes no pain. Accordingly, the terms Dikna (lit., "beard") and se'arot ("hair") are used to represent a certain form of tzimtzum]. [3]

For the underlying purpose of all the contractions is to condense the light, in order to enable it to become enclothed within the vessels of the Ten Sefirot [of the World of Atzilut].

[These "vessels" assume the specific form of wisdom or kindness.

By contrast, the divine light that permeates these vessels is essentially simple.

When, through tzimtzum, the vessels come into being and the light clothes itself within them and becomes fused with them, wisdom and kindness become one with G-d].

It is only after the Ein Sof-light becomes clothed within the vessels of ChaBaD that Maimonides' statement [about the Holy One, blessed be He] is in place: "He is the Knower, and He is the Knowledge, and He is the Known, .... and by knowing Himself [He knows all creation]."

For the vessels of Atzilut become the soul and life-force of [the Worlds of] Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and all [the creatures] therein.

[By "knowing Himself" with the knowledge that is to be found in the vessels of Atzilut, He also knows all the Worlds and creatures of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, since they derive their life-force from these vessels.

All this, however, can only come about after the various tzimtzumim have brought about the contraction of the light, enabling it to be vested in the vessels of Atzilut].

However, without the aforesaid tzimtzum and investiture [of the light in the vessels], it is not at all appropriate to say that "He is the Knower and He is the Knowledge .....;" [i.e., the whole category of knowledge cannot be ascribed to G-d, even in so exalted a manner as in the statement that "He is the Knower....," for He is not within the realm and domain of knowing and knowledge at all, G-d forbid, but infinitely elevated above even the level and the bounds of wisdom.

[For even the statement that "He is the Knower ...." implies restricting G-d, so to speak, to one particular faculty - viz., wisdom, as distinct from (say) the attribute of kindness or mercy. G-d, however, utterly transcends all such bounds], to the extent that in relation to Him, the level of wisdom is considered like the level of physical action.


[Before the note the Alter Rebbe had said that "the manner and nature of the flow and emanation - how and what - is known to the savants."

I.e., it is they who understand how from the Ein Sof-light there emanated the intellectual and emotive attributes, which even after their emanation are so completely fused with G-d that it can be said that "He is the Knowledge......"

The Alter Rebbe now goes on to say]:

Now, we are not concerned with esoteric matters - [how the emanations of the Sefirot from the Ein Sof-light came about, and the subsequent manner of their unity with Him], but it is incumbent upon us to believe with complete faith, matters that are revealed to us - that He and His attributes, [viz., the vessels and Sefirot, are One].

I.e., the attributes of the Holy One, blessed be He, and His will, and His wisdom and understanding and knowledge, [are One] with His Essence and Being, Who alone is exalted by infinite elevations above the level of wisdom and intellect and comprehension.

Hence, [since He totally transcends intellect and comprehension], His union with the attributes which He emanated from Himself is also beyond the realm of comprehension; [i.e., it is impossible] to understand how He unites with them; [rather, this may be apprehended only through faith].

In the holy Zohar, therefore, the attributes of the Holy One, blessed be He, which are the Sefirot, are called "the secret of faith," which is the faith that transcends intellect, [for this concept cannot be grasped intellectually, but only through faith].



  1. (Back to text) Note of the Rebbe Shlita: "This is explained more extensively in many places in Chassidut, e.g., in Shaar HaYichud [in Ner Mitzvah veTorah Or of the Mitteler Rebbe]."

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